Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!~~

Celebrated my birthday at Pasta De Waraku @ Central with CG.

They had this ladies 50% discount, so practically we went out of control while ordering the food. Haha

The best part? Our bill was loonng.. but total up to oni $80+, wheras the guyz bill was shorter, but it was a whooping total of $110+.

The benefits of being a lady~~ Isnt it nice?

Thank you, Carita for organising this birthday gathering.
It has been a long time since I celebrated my birthday with so many ppl.

Thank You

But stil, smtg was missing...
I miss Mandy...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Have you realised it?

Have u realised it? I duno..
But I have...

We used to be close to each other, partying, shopping, gossiping, stationing ourselves at Pasir Ris Interchange and chilling with each other...

But things are different now.. I guess its coz we hv all grown up and our goals/aims are different now...

I used to be so close to you and Mandy but things are not the same anymore..
It is so difficult to get Mandy now whereas the only time I get to see you is when we go for service..

There is soo many things inside me which I need to find someone to talk to...

Too much stuff has happened to me and Im feeling very emotional..
I cry myself to sleep, wondering why did this have to happen..

I may looked to hv moved on with my life, but hv I reali moved on?
I dun even know that myself..

Im alway so afraid of how others will think of me tt sometimes the real me disappear..

Dec is supposed to be the month which I like best, with my birthday and Christmas..
But this year, Im feeling very down.. Isit the festive depression at work?

Harmful thoughts are coming to my mind..

God, I wan to leave this place, leave this hurtful place..
Bring me up to your kingdom...
I dun wan to stay here any more...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

'I didn't even want you to get wet in the rain'

Itz been a long time since I blogged....

Too much things has happened since my last entry...

I have been to the highest and the lowest point of my life in 2008...

2008 hasnt been reali very kind to me, neither have it been to others.. Esp Nov and Dec...

Lehman brothers, recession and cutting of jobs...
And the terrorism attack in Mumbai...

With the year coming to an end where ppl are waiting for their bonuses, we see news of companies cutting jobs.. And my fren was one of them...

Thank god I still have a job...

Few days again, I read abt the love story of Lo Hwei Yen and her husband in the papers...
Even as a stranger to them, I feel very heart-wrenching.
I can't imagine the pain and grief that her husband is going thru..
Compared to what he is going thru, mine is peanuts...

"I didn't even want you to get wet in the rain. I want to make your life as smooth as possible."
Sweet, ain't it?

I think it is..

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Watched HSM 3 today..

Good~~ Didnt expect i wld like it thou..

I like the soundtrack, "Right Here, Right Now"...

And I wan a tree house... Ha Ha

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My thanks to my frens...

I totally agree with the first point of Caring System #3,

Coz I had my contact within 48 hrs and shez Carita..

She reached out to me at the lowest point of my life - the transition period.

She showed me there is someone out there who will always love me no matter wat happens.

To me, Carita and Mandy are angels that God have sent to me to bless me.

9yrs of frienship is not easy to come by and I treasure my frenship with her and Mandy.

From young giggling school gals to young adults, we have seen how we matured over the years.

Thou we seldom meet up due to our busy schedules, but Im thankful to God for blessing me with such good frends who have been there when I needed them the most.

Thank you gals, for not giving up on me and cheers to our frienship!~~

Of course, to the new frens of CHC that had entered my life recently, thank you.

Thank you for the fun times that we have shared and I look forward to many fun times together!~~

Monday, October 6, 2008

2nd career for me? Hm...

Was grumbling abt the movie industry shld give me some kinf of membership or rewards card
when suddenly my fren said I shld be a movie reviewer..

Can watch movies and earn money at the same time...

Ha Ha

Ttz a good one, but where to start from?

Never came across any "Recruiting for Movie Reviewers" in the Classifieds in my whole 12 yrs of reading newspapers... But I shall try harder coz I wan to work for passion and money at the same time...

Time at work today passed quite fast.. Hm.. maybe coz I was too busy?

Met Mandy after work for some catching up and bought stuff..
Yeah, I contributed to the economy again! Ha Ha =p

Legs ached like hell man!!~~

I wana do a foot massage soon!~~ Any gamers?

Time to sleep...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Itz shopping time!~~

Reports are saying tt the economy is no good and ppl are affected but I dun think ttz true..
at least not for today...

Man, u shld see the crowds at Tampines today~~

Crowd, Crowded and Crowdest!~~

Everywhere is sale, sale, sale!~~
and the travel agency was damn packed!~~

And as usual, Ms Anna here contributed to the economy by buying wat else other den a pair of shoes?

Ha Ha

Oh, I got an Adidas bag also... A red red one... One as red as an ang bao..

Isetan is also as crowded with the bedroom sale...

Staff shouting, "bloster sale bloster sale"!! and ppl go "buy! buy! buy!" Haha

But I didnt buy any ok..

Coz I bought a pillow instead.. some egronomic pillow which is supposed to be good for yr neck...

Well... i think im gona hv a good sleep tonight!~~ =p